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Hardware Repairs (RMA)

Defective InfraSensing hardware can be returned to one of our repair centers through our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) program.

Within the first year of your purchase, you can request a warranty repair from your order page.
Repairs can also be requested from your myInfraSensing account. You must register your hardware before you can initiate a repair request.

Warranty covered repairs

All our products are covered by a limited 1 year world-wide warranty as detailed here.
  • If the defect to your product(s) is covered by the warranty, then the product(s) will be diagnosed, repaired or replaced and finally tested before returning the product(s) to you.
  • If the defect is found to be not warranty covered, then an inspection fee of $75 per product will be invoiced. After payment reception of the inspection fee you have 3 options: receive the defective product(s) back, have it repaired (if repairable) or purchase of a new product(s). In the event of a repair or purchase of new product(s), the cost will be discounted with the paid inspection fee.

Out of warranty repairs

Do you have a defective device outside of its warranty period or is the defect not covered by warranty? It might still be possible to repair it. In such an event, you can also apply for an out of warranty repair. This incurs an inspection fee of $75. After receiving payment for the inspection fee, the RMA will be issued to you. If the device can be repaired, then you will receive a quote for repair with a discount for the paid inspection fee. You may also opt for the purchase of a new unit with a discount for the paid inspection fee.

Depending on the complexity of the defects and availability of parts, you should expect a turn-around time of 2 to 5 weeks. We appreciate your patience while we try to repair the defective units.