Extreme low temperature monitoring
digital sensor for cryogenic temperatures of up to -196°C

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The stainless steel temperature sensor was designed to monitor temperature in applications where our traditional temperature sensors can't be used.

With its IP65 rated enclosure and stainless steel protected platinum wired sensor, this sensor can be used in extreme low temperature environments of up to almost -200° Celsius or 73° Kelvin

For example this enables the monitoring of ultra low freezers like the ones being used for the storage of Covid-19 vaccines. It can also be used in applications using cryogenic freezers, freezing storage or simple cold storage.
Ultra Low temperature sensor for vaccine monitoring
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Key sensor features
- 30-50mm stainless steel probe
- probe temperature range of up to -196°C, 73°K or -320°F.
- precision of of ±0.1șC (0.18°F)
- class DIN B accuracy of ±0.5-1°C
- 2m teflon cable between sensor and electronics enclosure

- plug & play sensor.
- IP65 electronics enclosure.
- integrates via RJ45 with base unit.
- powered by the base unit.
- alerts via SNMP Traps, email or SMS.
- wired or optionally wireless.
- integrates over IP using Modbus TCP, SNMP, XML, JSON with other systems.
Ultra Low & High Temperature Sensor