Edge Inspection icon Our edge scan service analyzes your critical facilities. It makes suggestions for enhancing the existing monitoring by looking at present structure, assets, sensors and other monitoring capabilities. This is then compared to standards & best practices. All this complemented with our 10 year+ experience with more than 10,000 customers.

Order Edge Scans

Auditing Your Edge Facilities
This service is designed for customers who want to have a vendor agnostic view on the current state of monitoring their edge facilities and areas of improvement.

It is a simple as 1-2-3: order the edge scans, complete a survey report and provide pictures of your facility. Within 10 business days you then get a customized report with the results of our remote audit.

The report is based on the principles of industry standards, best practices, reuse assets where possible and vendor agnostic.

If you chose to implement the suggestions from the report with our products, then we refund you the cost of the site scan*.

* The refund is limited to a maximum of 10% of the product order amount and within 2 months of report date.
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Embracing the circular economy
Analyze. Reuse. Improve.
Circular Economy
Improving your monitoring to increase availability of your edge should not be a revolution but an evolution. As many peers you already have some monitoring in place.

In our approach we look at what's already available and how we can complement that. This requires a modular approach based on an open architecture.