open & modular platform
with 80+ sensors

deployed by
+13,000 customers
our sensors are used
to prevent failures
in data, IT and
telecom infrastructure
since 2010
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Sensor solutions for data infrastructure
from IDF, server rooms, edge to hyperscale
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InfraSensing sensors help prevent failures by detecting thermal, environmental, power, or mechanical issues in data center infrastructure. They monitor key areas like data center white space, power rooms, battery rooms, and cooling systems.

Optimized for various setups, from IDF and server rooms to edge data centers and hyperscalers, these sensors provide early warnings of potential problems. This proactive approach ensures smooth operation, reduces downtime, and protects critical IT equipment and data from unexpected failures.

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ASHRAE standards for IT infrastructure
ASHRAE is mandatory for monitoring IT infrastructure because it ensures safety, compliance, and prevents equipment failures. These standards are crucial to maintaining optimal operation and avoiding costly downtime.

InfraSensing offers over 80 sensors to meet these requirements, providing early detection of thermal, environmental, power, or mechanical issues. This proactive monitoring ensures smooth, uninterrupted operation of all critical IT infrastructure and equipment.

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